Friday, August 13, 2010

Did you see my Sigma Brush Kit Review Yet?

So on my youtube channel deejd358( i have a review of the Sigma Premium Brush Kit. I've had them for about 2 weeks now. In the video i showed u brush by brush and how i use them or how they could be used. I love these brushes and i hope this video answers any questions.

My advice:
I've been asked, "do i really need to buy this brush kit if i already have the original brush kit?"
-To me it really does depend. To be straight forward, I think this new kit really gives new techniques and strategies to makeup applications. For example, there's a brush in this kit that i prefer to use for powder then the one in the original kit. It's the same for foundation and blush application. Like now I use the medium duo fiber brush (F15) in this new kit then the typical foundation brush from the original brush kit now for foundation application. BUT, if you just want some basic basic brushes, then stick to the original kit. That's the way I see it :].

The brush kit came very nicely wrapped and packaged. I used expressed shipping and it came in 2 DAYS! that's awesome to me :]. I was so excited. Each face brush came with plastic like brush guards and all came with some plastic slips on them. Sigma has great customer service and shipping!

-If there's one thing I'm really happy about it's that the brushes done come with such a strong "leather" odor to them now. When i received my original brush kit, the scent was pretty strong and i didn't like it. This brush kit came with the scent but it wasn't so strong so I am very happy wit that :]. Another thing, the brush roll comes with an extra brush spot. so its one more then the original brush kit.

Final Say: I love this new kit. I've been wanting it for so long and I'm so happy with them. I know its a lot to pay all at once but i have yet to regret buying them. I just hope the review helped! any questions please ask :]. oh and don't forget to follow and subscribe!

The Premium kit cost $150.
The Original kit cost $100.

XOXO, Dayna.

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